Playing games in St. Louis

This story originally appeared on RealTime/STL.

It is, indeed, the age of the geek. Geekway to the West, an annual board game convention in St. Louis, drew about 1,000 game lovers, along with a few reluctant parents and children.

It’s not a typical convention set-up: This is all about playing games. Some bring their own, many check out games from the library. And, of course, a few vendors are selling and promoting games as well.

There’s a game for everyone. Walking through the game rooms, it was not uncommon to hear conversations about pandemics, space battles or railroad empires; to find a game of Pick Up Sticks in a corner; to learn the rules of war; and to hear people reading instructions — lots of instructions.

Among the vendors promoting new games were Aaron and Stephanie Richardson, the couple behind Angels: Michael’s War. It’s an angels versus demons card game, being funded through a Kickstarter campaign and offering special cards to Geekway supporters. Many game-makers are turning to Kickstarter to launch games.

“It’s a good way to start and see what interest is there,” said Stephanie Richardson as she demonstrated how to play Angels.

This is the 10th year for Geekway to the West. The convention continues Saturday night and Sunday at the Sheraton Westport Chalet Hotel. A one-day pass is $20.