It was the ’80s

I don’t remember dressing up (or being dressed up) as a Raggedy Ann doll. But it doesn’t surprise me. I do remember that wallpaper-carpet combination at my grandparent’s house. Oh my.

The tricky business of Christmas cards

I’ve spent about one day a week for the past year scanning and saving photos and letters that were found at my grandmother’s house after she died. In a somewhat timely fashion, I came across this Christmas card from 1959: I don’t know who these people are. It’s signed by Elva, what looks like Ribs,… Continue reading The tricky business of Christmas cards

Family photos

For the last month, I have devoted one day a week to scanning in old family photos. It’s part of the squabbling over my grandmother’s estate — if the photos are scanned then everyone can at least have a copy of them. On Sunday, I scanned and saved more than 200 photos. That’s one photo… Continue reading Family photos