Weekend geekery

It has been an incredibly geeky weekend.

As I said before, one day of my week is pretty much dedicated to scanning and saving family photos and letters that were found at my grandmother’s house after she died. Mostly photos. Several Polaroid snapshots. A few that are a little more significant to family history. It can be a slow process. So I usually play movies or a TV series in the background to help amuse myself.

This weekend — two days thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday — included “Firefly,” which I’ve seen too many times to count, all three seasons of “The Guild,” and season one of “Valemont.” True geekery. But if you haven’t seen them, then you should.

“Firefly” was a fantastic western that took place in space. It started and, sadly, ended in 2002. In 2005, the characters were brought back to life in a movie named for the crew’s ship, “Serenity.” “Out of Gas” is my favorite “Firefly” episode:

“The Guild” is a made-for-the-web sitcom that debuted in 2007. It’s one of those things that I’ve heard people talk about, but hadn’t watched. And then I came to own the first two seasons on DVD. All three seasons are online. The series is built around an online guild — a group that plays “World of Warcraft” somewhat religiously. Season 1, episode 1 offers a great introduction:

“Valemont” is a MTV miniseries that debuted a few months ago. And when I say miniseries, I mean it: Each episode is about 3 minutes long. A girl’s brother is murdered while attending a fancy university, Valemont. So, of course, the girl decides to go undercover at the university to find out what happened. Oh, and it’s a university for vampires.