My stories: Week ending Nov. 8

Sometimes I write things for St. Louis Public Radio. Here’s what I wrote this week. Writers define poetry’s role in today’s society St. Louis seeking its first poet laureate Inauguration poet in St. Louis to talk about growing up, home and poetry NPR host shares his trans-Siberian journey, views on Russia Priest silenced by Vatican… Continue reading My stories: Week ending Nov. 8

I have 2 rules

OK, I have more than two rules, but these two are relevant to this week. Learn them: Rule No. 1: Do not call and try to sell me things. When I say no the first time, I mean it. When I say no the third time, I am getting angry and will dodge your future… Continue reading I have 2 rules

The Rev. Kevin

My friend Kevin is a minister. There’s a certificate; it’s official. He’s now available for weddings, baptisms, funerals and exorcisms. I thought he was joking when he told me. Several others did too; there’ve been conversations. But Kevin explained: He read a story about the thousands of people who have become ministers — often as… Continue reading The Rev. Kevin