Comic con day 2: Q&A with Eliza Dushku

This story originally appeared on RealTime/STL.

Eliza Dushku has made a name for herself with supernatural roles, but her Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con Q&A with fans Saturday morning touched on many facets of her life.

Several audience members asked questions related to “Dollhouse.” The TV show, created by Joss Whedon, was canceled in 2010 after just one year.

Dushku had previously worked with Whedon on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Her role on “Dollhouse” allowed her to play several characters.

Short-lived TV shows are not unfamiliar to Dushku. “Tru Calling” was canceled in 2005 after two years. Dushku said there was no inside-scoop on the characters or how their stories were resolved.

One of Dushku’s earliest roles was in “True Lies.” For several years there have been rumors of a sequel to the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

Dushku was playful with her fans, especially the younger audience members.

Dushku proposed that as a snake she’d eat flowers, not mice.

A 9-year-old fan asked Dushku if she read comic books. Her “Buffy” character lives on in comic book form. Dushku said she had not read them, but kept up with what was going on through comic con fans.

Dushku said she does not prefer good or bad characters, but believes that everything “happens for a reason.”

One of Dushku’s next projects is “Midnight Rider,” which is the story of musician Gregg Allman.

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