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Journalists share how to deal with online harassment

13 May

Online News Association sponsored a conversation about online harassment Wednesday night in New York. Slate staff writer Amanda Hess, Essence Magazine contributing writer Zerlina Maxwell, New Republic senior editor Jamil Smith and Fast Company writer Sarah Kessler shared their experiences and advice on dealing with and addressing harassment.

St. Louisans remember Maya Angelou

28 May

This story originally appeared on RealTime/STL.

Noted author, activist and St. Louis native Maya Angelou died early Wednesday morning. Local fans took to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share their memories.

Angelou also was a prolific social media user. Take a look at some of her inspirational posts.

2010 ornaments: Web icons

28 Nov

This year’s Christmas ornaments are done! Every year I add an ornament (or, in this case, five) that reflect something that’s happened in the last year. This year I became the Post-Dispatch’s social media editor, not to mention several social media endeavors not related to work (like STL Hacks/Hackers, SND STL and @newsroomcake), so the choice was pretty easy.

Since there aren’t a ton of Web icon ornaments, I decided to make my own using craft foam to represent Twitter, RSS, Foursquare, Facebook and Flickr. Since I have some foam left over, I may go ahead and add Tumblr, too.

Stop trying to ‘help,’ Facebook

31 Mar

Last week, Facebook suggested I “friend” my sister. Not because it figured out we’re related, but because we went to the same high school. That’s right, Facebook has given up on me making friends, and is resorting to people I might’ve gone to high school with.

Please mind your Facebook manners

19 Apr