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2010 ornaments: Web icons

28 Nov

This year’s Christmas ornaments are done! Every year I add an ornament (or, in this case, five) that reflect something that’s happened in the last year. This year I became the Post-Dispatch’s social media editor, not to mention several social media endeavors not related to work (like STL Hacks/Hackers, SND STL and @newsroomcake), so the choice was pretty easy.

Since there aren’t a ton of Web icon ornaments, I decided to make my own using craft foam to represent Twitter, RSS, Foursquare, Facebook and Flickr. Since I have some foam left over, I may go ahead and add Tumblr, too.

Happy Halloween

31 Oct

For Halloween, I was social-medialy costumed, befitting the new job as social media editor.

But no one knew who the Pouty Princess was … (I love that you already know it’s a Foursquare thing.)

Many people did not know how to react to a girl wearing a tiara. There was some foolishness.

And some people also seemed surprised to know I have tiaras (four! but this is the fanciest) and wear them. Not just for Halloween — I’m happy to wear a tiara other times too. Today’s occasion: Laundry.